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BEST SUGGESTIONS AND PRACTICES The most important thing to remember when stone floor cleaning is to stop using cleaners that are too alkaline or acidic. Both will strip the floor’s finish or shine. When working with natural stone, do use a neutral cleaner. A pH of […]
Ducted Air conditioning tips A ducted air conditioning is a costly investment for your home.  Always do your research and shop around before you buy a model. Try to find a sale so you can get your system at a better price or when extra incentives […]
Repairing a ceiling or even replacingit, can seem like a daunting task. Often, we do not notice any problems in a ceiling until we look up and something catches our eye.  Often you will be leaning back on a chair or lying down. Once you see […]
How To Choose Interior Paint Colors For Your Home Color is a crucial element in your life and certainly one of the most important interior design decisions you will make in your home or workplace.  You may be wondering how to choose interior paint colors for […]
How to clean a smelly garbage disposal unit; an easy guide busting some myths along the way. It All Starts with Quality! However, just before we arrive at the specifics, the cleaning degree can be impacted by the garbage disposal unit’s quality. The greater the unit’s […]
On This Page   Exterior House Painting Prep Why Exterior Paint Prep is Important Here are the Most Common Steps for How to Prep to Paint the Exterior of a House Wear the Right Clothing & Safety Gear Remove Contaminants Comprehensive Cleaning for the Exterior Surfaces […]
A high quality InSinkErator garbage disposal system can really make a huge difference in your cooking area. So much so, that many new Insinkerator owners usually wonder just how they actually went without one! Having said that, similar to any kind of device with moving components, […]
Plaster Ceiling Repairs A sagging ceiling is an indication that the ceiling is at risk of falling. It is a hazardous building condition and the ceiling can collapse with no warning. Falling ceilings weigh a lot! Plasterboard is heavy and it will do a lot of […]
There’s no disguising a bathroom in need of renovation and there are ways you can save money on a bathroom renovation! Awful tile choice from the 80’s, grout that is beyond saving. Shower screens that have hard water damage and are permanently frosted when they should […]